Who am I?


Robin Eriksson



From a young age I started making movies around the house and at school. Back in the days we used VHS-camcorders so whenever a scene needed to be reshot we had to rewind and retake, trying to keep the same time limit to not roll into the coming clip. Photography came to my mind many years later.

"I started photography as a hobby back in 2011 when I travelled around a lot and wanted to share my experiences with people. The stories I told everybody after a trip really needed some photos in order for others to understand the experiences. In the beginning I used my phone which worked great but the photos didn't recreate what I saw at the time and eventually grew past it into DSLR's. From there things took off and in 2016 me and my sister needed to find more people that wanted to share our passion. This is when we started a group called "Fotointresserade i Örebro Län" for people having the same hobby in our hometown. From there I've ventured into other photography fields that I didn't do before. We started getting more models, other photographers shared their visions and soon we started shooting a lot more often. Nowadays I travel to more remote places each time to experience things most people miss out on. My favourite trips has taken me to Mongolia, West Papua, Cuba and Australia.

In my childhood we shot quite a few videos together with friends which I also started doing again around 2014. I've always been a fan of the movie industry and watched dozens of behind the scenes from the major productions. Read stories about directors, special effect artists etc. Later on I wanted to do more with my footage, post production workflow got more exciting and special effects. We started making more movies on our spare time again. The ideas grew bigger and bigger and a RED camera was acquired which has helped me tons both practically but also learn how to work more efficiently. Color grading is more fun now than ever before getting the RED even though you could spend hours just adjusting highlights for the clouds to look in a particular way. Now I feel confident enough to use all sorts of cameras is it more your ability to execute your vision than the equipment being used. I still shoot some projects on an old iPhone."

If you would like to work on an idea, project or want an estimate, just send me an E-mail and we will go from there or give me a call: +46 70 71 72 655

Best Regards,
Robin Eriksson